Motor skills enhance reaction time

Sports teachers like me work at improving motor skills in children and it’s my constant endeavor to try and upgrade my knowledge so that they benefit to the maximum. Any signs of obesity have to be nipped in the bud. Hand and eye coordination too is important from an early age as it helps to [...]

A beautiful weekend at home

It was a beautiful Saturday morning and the weather outside was warm and clear. After five days of a hectic work schedule, I was relaxing with my pet dog in the garden when who should walk in but my best friend with family in tow. I was naturally delighted and more so when he told [...]

My first family trip to Iceland

I am a doctor in London and have been practicing here for the last twenty years. A couple of months back, my son had completed his graduation. I was very happy and asked him what gift he wanted from me. To my utter surprise, he chose a family vacation in Iceland. He had never before [...]

All you wanted to know about Rabvac-3 vaccination

Importance of Rabvac-3 vaccination Rabvac-3 vaccination is a very effective vaccination for dogs, cats and horses. It is a killed virus vaccine that is used for the prevention of diseases caused by rabies. This vaccine is a very high performance product that guarantees to keep your dogs and cats safe for as long as three [...]

Professional relocation services of the best moving company in NJ

Commercial relocation made easy by the best moving company in NJ I am an actor with a local theater group in New Jersey. We are required to move to different places across the country. Last month we had to move to Florida with our entire setup for a special seven day performance. Amplifiers, lights, flooring, [...]

What are the advantages of online life coaching programs

Online life coaching programs – a brief introduction For the past few years, I have been working as a life coach. Nowadays, the trend of using the services of a life coach has increased drastically. Many individuals around the globe are depressed due to conflicts in their personal relationships, failure in their career or career [...]

Enjoy the Call of the Wild in a 6 Man Tent

Taking a break from the stifling routine of everyday life is absolutely necessary if one has to rejuvenate his senses to carry on with the daily schedule. Once in a while a diversion needs to be taken from the boredom of a robotic existence. Studies have proved that people who work without a break are [...]

Electric Patio Heaters for Personalized Comfort

The business of any hotel or restaurant should not be limited by the vagaries of nature. Spring and summer is a time for opening up the lawns, gardens and the patios for the guests. This results in a high volume of business turnover. On the other hand during winters, the whole outdoor infrastructure has to [...]